Liquitex Acrylics Basics Mediums Set


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This Liquitex Basics Acrylic Mediums 75ml Set of 5 contains Gesso, Gloss Gel Medium, Modeling paste, Iridescent Medium, and Coarse Texture Gel.

You can experiment with the enclosed mediums with acrylics paints to add effects and textures to your work. 

  • Coarse Texure Medium - A grainy effects medium. Mix with colour, use on its own or overpaint. Great for special effects.
  • Gesso - An opaque matte white ground. Apply to surfaces to seal and prepare before painting. 
  • Gloss Gel Medium - A colourless liquid gel medium. Mix with colour to thicken, add transparency and slow drying time. Gives an archival gloss finish.
  • Modeling Paste - A reflective metallic medium. Mix with colour or use on its own.
  • Iridescent Medium - An opaque paste for 3D effects. Mix with colour and build in layers. Overpaint, sand or carve when dry.